Web Holter Services

Web-Holter implements referring services based on networked systems. The aim is to take the ECG of a patient from a HOLTER device for a certain period, the export of the report by the doctor and the renewal of the patient electronic file via our portal. The architecture of the application is open in order to support future expansion of the system (especially the electronic file) and to include the receipt and storage of other bio signals, such as pressure, blood glucose etc.

The general procedure to be followed includes the following steps:

  • The patient visits the doctor, who informs him/her that a Holter examination is required
  • The patient will then go to the system administrator to register for the specific service and receive the device. By registering the remote user’s ID is created in order to achieve proper management of resources (devices)
  • The duration that the patient will have the Holter monitor device on is decided by the doctor
  • The patient will return to the doctor after the specified period of time is over  with the device in order for the doctor to export the report
  • The doctor will remove the storage card (card SD) from the device and place it in the card reading device;
  • The doctor will open the Holter application that is installed on his/her computer 
  • The doctor will export the report in a PDF format
  • The doctor will upload the file to the patient electronic record, which will be stored on the server along with other information.